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    Welcome to my Site

By now your business should have a website.


Otherwise you give away a serious advantage to your competitors that do. Every single search for relevant keywords in your industry is a potential lost customer. Creating a site may seem rather intimidating, especially if you have zero technical experience. But with WordPress you can have a fully built site in a relatively short period of time.




WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that lets you easily post and edit new content. While WordPress is primarily a blogging platform, more businesses are now starting to use this CMS to manage their online presence.



Here we look at the absolute basics so you can get started with your very own site. This guide assumes that you already have your own domain name.


  1. Install WordPress

The first step is to install WordPress. Hosting companies including HostGator and BlueHost provide one step installations through their control panel. Following these steps to get started:


  • Login to your cPanel with the details sent to you when you first signed up for hosting.
  • Click the Site Software icon and click WordPress
  • You will need to enter an admin username and password for the installation
  • Click Install once you fill out all the details


Installing WordPress should only take a few minutes. But if you have any trouble, be sure to contact your hosting provider for help.


  1. Install a Theme

Assuming you did everything correctly in the first step, you should now have a new WordPress site ready to be populated with your content.


What makes WordPress stand out from other content management systems is its ease of use and flexibility. There are hundreds of themes and plugins you can install to extend the functionality of your site. So you can change it to exactly how you want it.


Under Appearance, simply click on Themes and Add New. From there you can browse the free marketplace. Choose one you like and click Install. This is by no means permanent as you can always change the theme later. Plugins are particularly useful but you will likely want to ignore these for now as WordPress already works well out of the box.


  1. Publish Your First Post

It’s easy to get trapped trying to find the perfect theme or plugins to install.


But what makes WordPress appealing as a CMS is that it is already ready to go out of the box. So you can publish your first post and have it live for the whole world to see. You will undoubtedly make more changes to the site as you become more familiar with the interface.


There are two ways to publish content your site: Posts and pages.


Posts are pieces of content that show up in your blog in reverse chronological order so that the newest posts are at the top. Meanwhile pages are static pieces of content that are more common such as About and Contact pages.


To write your first post for your blog, click Add New under Posts. Here you will see an editor where you can start working on your content but be sure to add a title. Once you are finished with your post, simply click Publish for it to go live.


You can always go back to make changes as needed.



WordPress is a powerful and easy to use CMS that you can create in minutes.


By now you should have a basic WordPress site with at least one blog post and a few pages. What should you focus on next? Continuing experimenting with the many items in the menus so you become more familiar with the interface. Install some new plugins, add a widget, or publish new content.

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Virtual reality is set to become more mainstream in 2016.

Users with a headset are able to plunge deep into a virtual environment generated by a computer. The experience is unlike that of a smartphone as users are completely immersed in an artificial setting. A number of systems even include input devices that let users interact with their new environment.


Oculus Rift Virtual RealityOculus (owned by Facebook) is currently one of the major players in the VR market and is expected to launch its own headset later this year. But other tech companies including HTC, Samsung, and Sony are also investing heavily into their own virtual headsets. These efforts are all expected to make virtual reality more mainstream.


A research paper recently released by the Topology Research Institute anticipates sales of virtual reality headsets to hit 14 million worldwide in 2016. The firm expects sales figures to exponentially rise in the coming years as more consumers adopt VR.


Here we look at key factors that will contribute to the growth of VR in 2016.


1. Immersive Gaming

VR is expected to have a large impact on the gaming industry. VR headsets completely immerse users in three-dimensional worlds, allowing them to explore and even interact with the environment. This is in stark contrast to how games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are played. Gaming is likely to be one of the primary drivers of the VR market with huge potential for growth.


2. Virtual Sports

VR goes beyond gaming as it will likely have heavy influences in other industries. One engaging live streaming demonstration of VR was shown back in October featuring the Golden State Warriors. The event was held by NextVR, the only company currently capable of streaming live virtual reality content. With a more immersive experience, it won’t be long before VR makes its way into sporting events.


3. Social Interaction

Gaming may be one of the first major markets for VR but social media will undoubtedly be another. With the acquisition of Oculus, Facebook is in a strong position to integrate VR into its social network. The implications are huge and will play a major role in getting more users to adopt VR.


VR is poised to become the next technological breakthrough. Gaming will be one of the first major markets but it will gradually expand to include other industries from sporting to social media. Of course, there are still a number of challenges that need to be overcome.


Perhaps the biggest is cost.


As it stands now, VR headsets require a computer to process the images for viewing. The headsets plus the actual computer make it more expensive for consumers to get the full experience. But as technology continues to advance, hardware will more than likely decrease in price.


Another challenge is the actual content. As gaming will be one of the major markets for VR, many developers are already working on new games to release. But there are still few titles from major developers.


The good news is that the market is still poised to grow substantially despite these challenges.

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Wearable Glasses

We are in are where technology is growing at an incredibly alarming rate. We wake up every day to some new technology. This is especially so in the world of telephony. Two centuries ago we had to rely on ravens and horns and fires to pass messages. Today, we can barely survive with a Smartphone even for a day. We have grown to embrace the changes and these changes have helped us have better lives and live comfortably. The technologies that have been added to the fray include the following;

Mobile augmentation features

We have had phones that can give directions, tell you whether it’s raining or if it’s sunny by simply accessing the internet. We have now graduated from using phones that can recognise faces when you are taking pictures to those that can do so much more. The mobile augmentation feature is unique in that, when you have visited a city and doesn’t know the building that’s sitting in front of you, all you have to do is point the phone towards the building.

The phone will gather all the information about the building including when it was built, the restaurants it houses, the street it sits on and so much more. It is a technology that is going to revolutionise the way we go about our daily lives.

Mobile phone technology

You might have wondered why you can’t have a simpler way of paying for a good or service especially when you find yourself without cash at hand. There are retailers or service providers who don’t accept credit cards or personal cheques. There are several mobile phone platforms which employ the technology of mobile phones. All you have to do is transfer money from your bank account to that of the seller. This is done instantly. The fact that the mainstream firms and services providers are yet to adapt to this technology wholly makes it important to mention.

Wearable devices

Wearable Devices

This is old news to many but wait a bit. We have wearable smart watches that can tell you so much about you need to know. There is a more advanced technology that is just about to become a worldwide phenomenon; the Google glass. You can actually wear the glasses and access your mobile phone and computer. With this device, you will be able to not only communicate easily but also access a plethora of features and areas that your phone does already like news, fashion, hobbies and so on.

With the development of a new technology, you might find yourself lost in the fray. However, a majority of the technology ideas that are coming up are meant to keep your life exciting, moving forward and comfier.

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